One Machine. Endless Possibilities.

DUO Technology gives you the benefit of easily using more than one lane conditioner in your center.  By combining the precise accuracy of Sanction Technology® with dual conditioner cartridges in the FLEX, and still being able to verify how much conditioner will be applied to the lane, DUO Technology gives you versatility, dependability, and accountability.


Cartridges Duo Technology Conditioner

Conditioner cartridges - Easily insert our new pre-filled conditioner cartridges with no spills and no mess. Simply pop them into place and you are ready to go! Each machine also comes with refillable cartridges to allow you to easily use your other favorite lane conditioners.

*Pre-filled cartridges are only available with Current, Curve, Fire, and Ice lane conditioners.

DUO conditioning system - cartridges Kegel

DUO conditioning system - The DUO conditioning system provides you with maximum flexibility by using two conditioner cartridges with separate oil lines and separate oil pumps. Use one conditioner, two conditioners, or even mix compatible conditioners in one pass!

KEGEL Lane Machine parts

DUO transfer system - The DUO transfer system combines the transfer brush and the transfer roller to give you the best of both worlds in one system. Not only does the system remain very clean, the DUO system enhances the smoothness of the oil pattern and allows residual oil to be removed quickly from the system for easy pattern changes.