“Don’t be left Defense-Less”


Defense S is the first conditioner to use particulate solid technology, which has revolutionized the bowling industry. Its amazing durability results because the bowling ball only carries down the mineral oil leaving the particles behind to protect your heads.

Defense S also minimizes carry-down and ball calls because Kegel uses a mineral oil that is tacky to the touch. Meaning you will visibly see carry-down, but because the mineral oil is tacky, ball reaction will change minimally, which is what matters most.

Your best line of defense against today's high performance bowling balls is Defense S!


Technical Specifications: (Physical Properties)

  • Viscosity: 47.3 cps

  • Surface Tension: 22.7 dynes/cm

  • Weight per gallon: 7.16 lbs.

  • Packaging: 1.25 gallon containers.

    • 4 containers per case = 5 gallons

  • Part Number: 156-8025

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