DC Drive Motor Maintenance

All Kegel lane machines are driven by DCV drive motors that are designed with two carbon style brushes, one on each side of the motor.  As the brushes wear down over time, carbon dust particles build-up inside the head of the motor between the stator (field) and the rotor (armature).  This build-up can cause a short inside the motor.  To prevent a dangerous build-up, it is important to routinely remove the carbon brushes, and blow out the motor with air to remove any carbon build-up.

Note:  If you use an air compressor, please insure that the air-lines are free of moisture before evacuating the motor.

If the brushes are several years old, they may need to be replaced.  Each brush is manufactured with a tension spring that keeps the brush in constant contact with the rotor of the motor.   The shorter the carbon fiber brush becomes the less tension there is on the rotor.