Preference System Kit


Preference System Kit


The Kegel Preference System Kit was designed to alleviate the headaches associated with the Brunswick® A-2 and Jet Back pinsetters.  We have minimized the problems caused by the factory design in a reasonably priced, easy to install, low maintenance kit. 

Part Number: 162-8078Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
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Note: This kit can be installed by a qualified pinsetter mechanic in 20-30 minutes.

This kit eliminates 12 individual parts of the OEM assembly that when not kept regularly maintained and adjusted will eventually fail.  Several of these parts, including the metal pivot bracket, Oil-Lite bearings, spring rod bumper, and urethane/rubber hook latch bumper, require regular maintenance or have inherent metal on metal wear points.  The simplicity of this design eliminates eventual breakdowns and the materials do not require the normal tedious maintenance and lubrication.

The UHMW preference actuator design brings durability and simplicity while also eliminating the OEM spring rod bumper.  The angular entry hole for the spring rod and the preference rod allow for a range of adjustments that will accommodate a variety of lift rod conditions.  The physical properties of UHMW make this actuator a low maintenance and low wear portion of the kit.

A powerful magnet is used to create positive locking and unlocking of the preference system.  The design and power of the magnet ensure the preference system either remains locked or unlocked at the appropriate times.