“Scoreability, Durability and Consistency”


The most interesting fact about Offense HV Lane Conditioner is that it was developed by Kegel for the PBA Tour and the extreme heat the TV lights created. It was designed to minimize the difference in ball motion from the weekly competition to the extreme environment of the TV Show.

Offense HV is therefore the perfect solution for a bowling center with limited climate control and provides optimum playing conditions for all types of bowlers in all types of environmental climates.


Technical Specifications: (Physical Properties)

  • Viscosity: 50.3 cps

  • Surface Tension: 23.9 dynes/cm

  • Weight per gallon: 7.17 lbs.

  • Packaging: 1.25 gallon containers.

    • 4 containers per case = 5 gallons

  • Part Number: 156-8075

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