KOSI PRO FLEX software is like having a team of lane maintenance pros at your fingertips: pattern designer, customer support representative, lane maintenance trainer, and technician. This powerful software comes with all FLEX Lane Machines and can be easily loaded on to your center's computer.  KOSI PRO FLEX is the ultimate lane maintenance software tool available.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Includes an electronic version of your operators manual
  • Includes data cable for downloading patterns in seconds
  • Automatic Updates via the Web


Edit and Organize your Patterns:

  • Pre-loaded patterns - 30 Kegel Navigation Patterns included.
  • Advanced Pattern Designer - Allows you to precisely create or adjust your lane patterns.
  • 2 Different Graph Views - Overhead View for 3-D Simulation and Composite View for precise Oil per Board and Ratio Analysis.


Ultimate Website Support and Compatibility

KOSI PRO FLEX was designed together with www.kegel.net to allow seamless communication. When online with KOSI PRO FLEX you will be able to search, view and download hundreds of lane patterns, and get updates along with other valuable information. This is another way we ensure your lane maintenance success.


KOSI PRO FLEX is compatibile with

Designed to work with all FLEX Lane Machines including the following:

  • FLEX
  • FLEX Walker


Technical Specifications

Recommended: Windows 7 (framework 4.0 installed) , Windows 8, KOSI cable kit



If you need assistance with KOSI PRO FLEX, please contact Kegel Tech Support


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